Auto Vise
Pneumatic Vises


1. The vise can be used vertically, horizontally or stand on one side. Several parallel type vises in series or parallel can be used together.

2. New Type Pneumatic boost vise has a clamping force between 0~5000kgf. When the pneumatic pressure drops suddenly, the clamping force remains unchanged. The safety degree is high.

3. Airtight design makes cleaning easy. Vise oversize opening between 0~260mm meets most working needs.

4. Depending on the size of the workpiece, the travel of the pneumatic switch is preset between 0~4mm. The operation is simple and easy.

5. FCD-60 spherical graphitized casting iron(60kgs/mm2) is designed with a super strong structure, and is very resistant to pressure and tension.

6. The slide is heat treated to HRC-45° so as to keep precision and long-wearing. Parallelism is 0.01/100mm, and verticality is 0.01/100mm.

7. The vise jaws are heat treated to over HRC-55°. Parallelism is 0.01/100mm, and verticality is 0.01/100mm.