Auto Vise
Pneumatic Vise

Pneumatic Vise ACV-110 (Automatic Vise)

1. The vise can be used vertically, horizontally or stand on one side. Several parallel type vises in series or parallel can be used together.

2. When the pneumatic source disappears suddenly, the clamping force remains unchanged. The safety degree is high. Don’t worry about oil leaks.

3. Powerful structure designed with FCD-60 kgs/mm2 spherical graphite casting iron has good mechanical performance, and is very resistant to pressure and tension.

4. The slide is heat treated to HRC-55° so as to keep precision and long-wearing. It is very durable.

5. This vise is very compact and rigid, and does not occupy machine space. The clamping force can be adjusted so as to clamp copper, plastic and thin workpieces.